EASSy Network - Resilience
EASSy is a two fibre pair system and is the only sub-Saharan submarine system based on a "collapsed ring" architecture which provides a high degree of robustness, high reliability and low outage time. This network topology allows internal protection routing, minimising outage time to a few milliseconds should a cable break in one branch or an entire landing station fail (except for traffic originated/terminated in the failed branch).

The collapsed ring configuration also provides equipment protection on a 1+1 basis, preventing traffic disruption if a single card fails in the Submarine Line Terminating Equipment (SLTE) or SDH Interconnection Equipment (SIE) within the landing station. The system is electrically powered by redundant Power Feed Equipment (PFE). Whilst the system trunk is usually double-end fed (i.e. power is supplied by two end stations), it can also be single-end fed should one PFE fail totally. Switchable branching units (BUs) allow for power reconfiguration in case of complete failure of a branch PFE.

Records show that most cable breaks are due to anchoring and fishing. EASSy's trunk is located in deep water so is unlikely to be subject to external interference of this type. This further reduces the probability of complete system failure. Marine surveys have been undertaken to optimise routing and minimise risks and all equipment models used in EASSy have previously been successfully deployed in other networks.