EASSy Services

Services on EASSy can be purchased through any of the consortium members.

Services are available on EASSy only (i.e. landing station to landing station) or can include onward connectivity (into Africa or internationally).

Options on offer typically include short-term and long-term contracts & protected and restored services.

EASSy Services

EASSy-only services are offered between landing stations on the EASSy system. They do not include in-country backhaul or end-to-end management. They are ideal for customers with their own backhaul arrangements in place - either via their own in-country network or through partners.

End-to-end services are offered city-to-city or city-to-landing station across the EASSy system. They include in-country backhaul at one or both ends and are managed end-to-end. These are ideal for customers with no arrangements for backhaul in specific locations - either at one or both ends of the connection.

Commonly know as Indefeasible Rights of Use (IRUs), these effectively give ownership of capacity on the EASSy network for the lifetime of the system - normally considered to be 25 years. There is typically a single up-front payment (or staged up-front payments), plus a small annual maintenance charge.

BENEFIT: IRUs are designed for carriers requiring the most cost-effective solution for long-term, assured bandwidth between specific locations.